Environmental and renewable Energy Engineering Services

PSEM Africa ltd Environmental and renewable energy Engineers have for the last several years gained practical experience in;

  • Conducting Environmental and social Impact Assessments ESIAs, Environment Audits, Occupational health and safety audits and certifications for large infrastructure projects and factories
  • Sustainable biomass energy production and utilization technologies like Efficient charcoal retort and Casamance kilns, and design and construction of energy saving stoves
  • Turnkey design and construction of local Combined sanitation-energy waste water treatment systems based on anaerobic digestion of sludge
  • Design and construction supervision of distributed generation solar systems of up to 200kw


Projects listing


  • ESIA for construction of kabambiro sub-county water supply scheme
  • ESIA for construction of Mpasana water supply scheme kakumiro district
  • HSE Audit of Agri Exim factory, large scale processor and exporter of vegetable oil, seeds, and animal feeds.
  • HSE Audit of ideal commodities, a large-scale processor and exporter of coffee

Sustainable Biomass Energy production and utilization systems

  • Construction, and commissioning of retort charcoal kilns under ministry of energy and mineral development and UNDP
  • Piloting of Namibian charcoal kiln in Uganda under ministry of energy and mineral development and UNDP
  • Construction of domestic biogas plants under African biogas program ABP under SNV
  • Design, fabrication and training of user of charcoal briquetting equipment
  • Institutional (500 l to 50 l stoves) and domestic energy stoves for

Combined sanitation -Energy waste water treatment systems

We have developed onsite ecological DEWATS with resource recovery element.  Waste water is primarily treated in anaerobic toilets/biodigesters where methane gas is harnessed and additional treatment is achieved by natural UV radiation in soil infiltration trenches or in constructed wetlands as per site/soil conditions.

We have also designed conventional waste stabilization ponds, faucal sludge treatment plants, and associated sewerage pipe network.

Selected Project listing

  1. Feasibility studies and design of alternative sanitation options for Uganda Prisons Service for Luzira, Masaka and Iganga Prisons
  2. Turnkey Design and construction of onsite ecological DEWATS for;
  • More than 10 No. Cotton -on -Foundation schools in central Uganda Lwengo and Rakai districts
  • Onsite sanitation facilities for Namulu Prison in Karamoja
  • Onsite sanitation facilities for Kampala capital city authority schools
  • Onsite sanitation facilities for with biodigester and constructed wetland for Holy cross schools in Jinja
  • Onsite sanitation for school for life schools in Bujuko Mpingi